Schedule of Availablity of Service

Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm without noon break

Who May Avail of the Service

All PPCWD Consumers


  1. Duly filled-out Customer Action Sheet
  2. Materials and Labor Estimate
  3. Valid ID of the registered account owner
  4. Authorization from the owner, if the requesting customer is a representative
  5. Proof of house and lot ownership of the area where the water connection will be transferred


Client StepsFeesResponsible Person
1. Get a priority number, fill out the Customer Action Sheet, and wait for your turn. Present the required documents to the Customer Service AssistantNoneJ. Pe/A. Dalupan
2. Wait for the estimator in the area for the inspection and estimateLabor costs vary depending on the distance from the stub-outS. Antonio/J. Masangcay
3. Get a copy of the estimate of materials and laborNoneJ. Pe/A. Dalupan
4. Purchase the needed materials and prepare the excavation. Call the PPCWD after excavation and request for inspectionNonePAMD
5. Pay the required feesNoneP. Guinto/E. Paredes/M. Grimpola
6. Present the Official Receipt to the Customer Service AssistantNoneJ. Pe/A. Dalupan
7. Wait in the area for the activity to be conducted by the PPCWDNonePAMD