Schedule of Service

Monday to Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm without noon break

Who May Avail of the Service?

Any person/official/establishment with property owned or leased/rented within the territorial boundary of Puerto Princesa City with or without an existing water distribution line.


  • Filled out Customer Action Sheet with location sketch
  • Instead of Pre- Orientation Seminar, a Policy Information Sheet is distributed to every applicant
  • Any two (2) valid identification cards with signature
    • If transacted by the applicant, bring one (1) photocopy
      • Any two (2) of the following: Company ID, Driver’s License, SSS ID, GSIS, Passport, PRC License, Senior Citizen’s ID, Postal ID, Voter’s ID
    • If transacted by a representative, bring one (1) photocopy
      • Representative’s one (1) valid ID Card
      • Two (2) valid ID of the applicant/property owner, and
      • Special Power of Attorney (SPA) or Notarized Authorization Letter (in the absence of the signatory such that the applicant cannot sign the form and/or the Service Contract).
  • Proof of house and/or lot ownership (Certified True Copy or Xerox Copy provided that Original Copy will be presented upon verification)
    • If property owner:
      • Land Title, Notarized Deed of Absolute Sale/Notarized Deed of Conditional Sale/Deed of Donation/Contract to Sell)
    • If Tenant:
      • Lease Contract and/or Authorization from the Property Owner with attached proof of ownership (as specified above)
      • Waiver in the absence of proof of ownership
      • One (1) pc. 2×2 ID Picture
  • Additional Requirements:
    • For Business Establishments:
      • Mayor’s Permit
    • For Sole Proprietorship and Corporation:
      • SEC Registration
  • Complete Materials and Excavation


Client StepsFees to PayResponsible Person
1. Proceed to the Public Assistance Counter to get queuing number and fill out Customer Action Sheet (CAS) Form. Indicate the location sketch at the back of CAS.NoneN. Chavez
2. Proceed to the Customer Service Assistance Desk when the assigned number is in the queue and submit the filled-out CAS formNoneD. Teologo/ S. Baradero
3. Receive the list of requirements, read and review the Policy Information Sheet and sign the job order request for an estimateNoneD. Teologo/ S. Baradero
4. Wait for the estimator in the area

*Google estimate may also be performed in locating the area for connection
NoneS. Antonio/J. Masangcay

N. Lopez/J. Valones
5. Proceed to the
PPCWD Sta. Monica Office to present the documentary requirements for initial assessment and get the copy of the Materials and Labor Charge Estimate
NoneD. Teologo/ S. Baradero
6. Wait for the Plumber/InspectorNoneO. Maata/D. Cabate/E. Bacomo
7. Get queuing number and proceed to the Customer Service Assistant for the submission of the complete requirements, presentation of materials receipt, and payment of administrative cost and labor chargesNoneD. Teologo/ S. Baradero
8.a Proceed to the Teller to pay the administrative cost and labor chargesResidential:
½”Ø –1,800
1ӯ Р2,900
2”Ø –14,500
4”Ø –48,600
1ӯ Р4,870
2”Ø –26,820
4ӯ Р92,952
P. Guinto/E. Paredes/M. Grimpola
8.b Return to the Customer Service Assistant to present the Official Receipt. Wait for the preparation of the Water Service Contract then sign the sameNoneD. Teologo/ S. Baradero
9. Wait for 3 days for the installationNoneD. Teologo/ S. Baradero
TotalDepends on the category and meter size

Online Application

  • File for New Water Service Connection Online through:
  • After the successful filing of this application form, our customer service representative will review all the details and documents provided. Please note that we will prioritize applications with VALID and COMPLETE requirements.
  • Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive a text message or email through the contact details you provided. We will inform you of the status of your application and/or the estimated date of inspection.
  • You may also file directly at PPCWD Main Office, Sta. Monica or at PPCWD Rizal Commercial Office.
  • Your own water supply service will be connected at least 5 working days after signing of water service contract with complete requirements.