Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I pay for water?
Residential consumers, 1/2″ P280.00 (0-10 cubic meters)

How can I request for a bulk water delivery?
» You may call 433-2408 to order.
» Cost will depend on the volume and location of the area.

How do I pay my water bill?
PPCWD has no field collector. Payment of water bill may be made at the following Bayad Centers Nearest you:
PPCWD Main Office – South National Highway, Bgy. Sta. Monica
PPCWD Rizal Avenue
Palawan Pawnshop
Please be informed that ‘partner agencies’ impose additional service charge

What if I don’t pay my bill?
Puerto Princesa City Water District imposes 10% surcharge if payment has not been done on or before the due date. On the second month of non-payment, PPCWD will temporarily disconnect your line.

Can I just remove the bolt and nut after paying the bill?
Only the crew of PPCWD is authorized to reconnect the service. Any attempt of the consumers after he has paid to remove the padlock or the bolt and nut will render him criminally liable under RA 8041 or Water Crisis Act for illegal reopening of disconnected water service.

Can I read my own meter?
Consumers are encouraged to read their own water meters so they will be able to monitor their water consumption. However for purposes of water bill, only the reading done by PPCWD personnel are recognized. the reading done by PPCWD personnel are recognized.

There is no water in our faucet, what could be the problem?
Assuming that the consumers has no arrears and his service neither temporarily disconnected, there might be an on-going emergency leak repair which affects distribution in the area. As much as possible, PPCWD issued Water Advisory at least 2 days before the scheduled water interruption through tri-media partners. However, there are some emergency leak repairs and other maintenance works for which no prior announcement can possibly be made.

What are the illegal acts under the water crisis Act?
Under RA 8041 or the Water Crisis Act, the following acts are considered illegal:
1. Reconnection of disconnected water service
2. Meter tampering
3. Opening of fire hydrants
4. Reselling of water for profit PPCWD will immediately take appropriate action against anybody caught violating the law.

What is required to avail a Senior Citizen discount?
  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Senior citizen identification card