Rule 3.1Pressure Condition. The District shall supply water under accepted pressure conditions which the District’s distribution system can provide. Consumer is informed beforehand about such conditions of pressure and over-all service efficiency obtaining within the District’s distribution system. The District cannot be held liable or accountable from any damages arising from low or high pressure, especially when such sudden changes in pressure condition is due to some circumstance beyond the control of the District.

Rule 3.2 Emergency Shutdown/Service Interruption. The District reserves the right to shut off water supply during emergency or critical situations. This will be done only when absolutely necessary, and the District, as much as it is practicable, shall notify the public through radio broadcast in advance of any major interruption, particularly those affecting a great portion of the service area or those service zones which are most populous or are commercial centers. The District, however, cannot be held liable for any such emergency shutting off of water supply.

The District shall exert its best efforts to prevent any major service interruption and if ever, circumstances beyond its control take place and efforts to prevent such fails, the District shall exhaust all means and resources to bring back water service to its normal course within the shortest time possible.

Damaged pumping equipment and facilities must be replaced immediately so as to avoid inconvenience to the public and interruption of water supply for more than the necessary period.

Rule 3.3Utility/Customer Services. It is provided herein that District personnel should be allowed entry into the premises of customer’s residence to enable them to perform their official duties to include leak repairs, inspection of service line, collection, illegal connection.

Any harassment, intimidation, overcharging or misdemeanor committed by District personnel in dealing with consumers should be immediately reported to the District’s Customer Services Division so the management may take proper disciplinary action on the employee concerned.
Consumer may put in writing any complaint, suggestion or comment, sign it and drop at the office suggestion box (to be found in the customer service area) so the management could immediately consider or act upon such complaint/suggestion.

Rule 3.4Customer Complaints. Customer complaints must be put in writing using the blank form provided for this purpose. Only formal written complaints will be entertained by the office personnel. Complaints of no water and other requests for services however may be reported by phone or text messaging or by person so the management may promptly respond to these problems.

Generally, complaints and requests regarding new connection, reconnection, request for temporary cut-off, change meter, meter test, inspection of service line, reconnection-transfer of connection, transfer of tapping point, request for estimate, request for change of service line, request for hydro testing, request for water delivery, among others shall be reported to the District’s Customer Services Division.

On the other hand, complaints and requests regarding leak repairs, no water or low water pressure, presence of air pressure, water turbidity problem, and relocation of water meters, among others shall be reported to the District’s Water System Maintenance Division.

Rule 3.5Service Repair.All leakages and damages detected or discovered at any point or area of our water supply system must be immediately reported to the District office by phone or text messaging or by person so the management may promptly respond to these problems.

The District has an existing Quick Response Team (QRT), Special Water Action Team (SWAT), and Standby Plumbers 24-hours a day 7-days a week to ensure that leaks shall not leave unattended. Repairs must be given priority and attended promptly and efficiently.

As determined by the District, in case of leakages within the premises of consumer’s residence or property, the District maybe requested to perform service repair with corresponding charges and fees of all the expenses as cost of materials/ fixtures to be replaced and labor or technical supervision.

Likewise, all damages to fixtures as a result of leakages from the gate valve to the faucet shall be assumed by the consumer and thus the latter also shall shoulder the total cost of repairing such (materials and service charge).