Rule 5.1 Water Bill. Water charges shall begin upon installation of service connection and the setting of the meter.

Water bills shall be computed according to consumer classification (domestic, government or commercial/industrial) based on monthly consumption registered in the water meter.

Rule 5.2 Water Rate Schedules. The water rate schedules shall be based on the LWUA approved water rates adopted by the District Board of Directors.

Below is the current water rates of the PPCWD approved by the LWUA Board of Trustees Resolution No. 713 series of 2009 dated December 15, 2009

Rule 5.3 Rate Resolution. All water rates and charges shall be set by the Board through a formal resolution which is submitted to LWUA and approved by its Board of Trustees.

Residential/Government Classification. Consumers under this classification are the following:

  • Residential Household
  • Churches and Charitable Institution offices except those that are used for business or commercial purposes
  • Government offices except hospitals, slaughter houses and those that are used for commercial or business purposes
  • Civic Organization offices except those that are used for business or commercial purposes

Commercial/Industrial Classification. Commercial consumers are classified into four (4) sub-classifications with their corresponding Conversion Factors, to wit:

    • Full Commercial – Conversion factor is 2.00


  • Commercial A – Conversion factor is 1.75
  • Commercial B – Conversion factor is 1.50
  • Commercial C – Conversion Factor is 1.25