Rule 2.1 Application for Service Connection
Any person who wants to avail of water service from the District should comply the following:


  • Submission of sketch plan showing the location of the proposed service connection site
  • Attend the Orientation Seminar
  • Payment of the required fees and charges
  • Signing of Labor Cost and Material Estimate along with the filled up Water Service Contract at the PPCWD Main Office only.
  • The Applicant shall submit any valid ID card and proof of ownership of the property where the service connection will be installed. In the absence of a valid ID, a Barangay Certification attesting that the applicant is the true and same person and a bonafide resident of the Barangay shall suffice.


If the applicant is a tenant, caretaker, lessor, and occupant, where the connection is desired, a Waiver or Consent shall be executed by the owner or his duly authorized representative of the house, building, or lot property and shall form part of the Service Contract on which the applicant signs and executes. The owner or his duly authorized representative shall likewise guarantee payment of bills in case of default by the consumer. If the person who signs the Contract is a representative of the applicant, a Special Power of Attorney must be submitted together with his/her valid ID and the Applicant’s valid ID and two pieces 2×2 latest photo. If the Applicant is a foreign national, the following documents must be submitted: proof of permanent residency issued by any appropriate government agency, authenticated copy of passport, and a copy of marriage certificate if he/she is married to a Filipino citizen.

  • Installation of service connection will be made upon approval thereof.

Rule 2.2Orientation of Applicants. All applicants or his duly authorized representative shall personally undergo an orientation seminar on the utility rules and regulations and policies of the District.

Rule 2.3Size of Connection, Location and Work. The District shall determine the size of service line and their location with respect to the location of the stub out connection and present water pressure condition in the area. The laying of consumer service line from the stub out to the nearest consumer faucet shall not be done until the location of the service connection has been determined and approved by the District.

The excavation, backfilling and restoration, laying of service line, and installation of water meter shall be performed by the District upon payment of the corresponding fees and charges. In areas with existing corals formation, concrete and asphalt pavement and the like separate charges shall be adopted.

However, in case the applicant prefers to perform the excavation and backfilling, inspection shall be done by the District prior to the laying of service line and installation of water meter.

All water meters must be installed to stub out connections which are located at most on a 50-meter interval in the distribution system.

Rule 2.4 Materials for Installation of Service Connection. The consumer shall provide all the necessary pipes, appurtenances, materials and fittings for the installation of service connection except water meter and angle valve.

The District shall be responsible for the estimates of standard materials and fittings and shall be inspected prior to installation.

Sizes of service line shall depend on the distance covered from the stub out connection up to the nearest service faucet: (a) 1/2 inch 1-50 meters; (b) 3/4 inch 51-150meters; 1 inch for 150 meters above;

Service line shall only have a service lifespan of 10 years. Consumers are required to replace it after its lifespan.

Any building and/or commercial establishments of at least two-storey should provide a cistern tank at their water line as part of the requirements prior to the connection of service line.

Rule 2.5 Cost of Installation. The cost of service connection installation shall include labor charges, administrative fee, and all other overhead expenses only.

Labor charges will vary depending on the estimated labor cost contained under the Water Service Connection Bill for Labor Charge Form.

Administrative fee shall include meter maintenance fee, application fee, and inspection fee.

Rule 2.6 Meter Angle Valve. Every service connection installed by the District shall be equipped with an angle valve after the meter which shall be for the exclusive use of the District in controlling the water supply through the service laterals.

All water services connections between the angle valve and the water main, including the meter stand, shall be performed only by the District.

Rule 2.7 Maintenance of Service Connections. The service line after water meter up to the property line shall be maintained by the consumer including the replacement of materials needed for any repair. The District may perform such maintenance work. Appropriate charges shall apply including labor and the cost of materials and fittings used.

No tapping will be made on consumer’s service line (from stub out to consumer’s property line) without their written authorization.

The Consumer must notify the District in advance of any transfer of house/lot property or ownership thereof, change of address (if tenant), or transfer of connection, as the case may be. Likewise, any person who is a seller, a donee, a new tenant, or a new owner thereof shall likewise do the notification prior to the execution of any document relative thereto or submission of new proof of ownership thereof.

Rule 2.8 Utilization of Service Connection for Household. Every service connection shall be for single household use only. The consumer is not allowed to sell or extend water to other person or persons. Violation of this regulation shall be a sufficient ground for outright reclassification into commercial connection or disconnection of the service line.

Service connection may be transferred provided the owner shall execute waiver of rights in favor of the transferee and conformed by him/her.

Any transferee shall likewise undergo with the procedures stipulated under Rule 2.1 except payment of cost of installation.

All transactions for water service shall be made at the District office with authorized personnel.

The District shall limit the unit of service connection to one household for every residential consumer, and for every building or premises for government and commercial/industrial users.

Rule 2.9 Consumers with two or more storey building shall be required to put up a cistern tank with booster pump prior to the installation of the service connection

Request for hydro-tests of consumer’s plumbing system shall be charged to consumers accordingly

Rule 2.10 Water Service Contract. The terms and conditions defined in the water service contract shall herein apply and hold in effect until its termination by reason of service disconnection.

The Contract shall have the following content: (a) Name and address of the Consumer and Authorized Representative of the District as parties of the Contract; (b) Rights and Obligations of both parties; (c) Amendment Clause; (d) Authorization and/or Waiver of Consent of the legal owner of the house, establishment, or lot property where the service connection is located; (e) any other information which deemed necessary and is contained under this utility rule.

Rule 2.11 Temporary Service Connection. Any person who wants to apply for a service connection which fall either of the following instances, shall apply under a temporary service connection.

  • A contractor of any infrastructure project
  • Any applicant who lacks the necessary requirement/s needed to apply for a permanent service connection