Rule 9.1 Fire Protection Connection.This service shall be applied only for water consumers in the extinguishing of fire through the District’s fire hydrants. Upon completion of installation, the valve governing said connection will be closed and shall remain so until such time or occasion this water service is needed.

The District thereafter shall control, maintain and regulate the supply and pressure condition of water that passes therein and bill the consumer or contracting party (i.e. local government) correspondingly.

The following schedule of fees shall be applied for fire protection service connections:                      Size 2 ” ? – P 100.00/month/outlet
Size 5 ” ? -P 150.00/month/outlet
Size 4 ” ? -P 200.00/month/outlet

Rule 9.2.If water is consumed through a fire connection for purposes other than extinguishing of fires, the District shall have the right to install water meter on said connection at the expense of the owner or contracting party, or to shut off the water supply from such premises. Whenever proper arrangement has been made with persons drawing water from said connection, the scheduled water rates as adopted under provisions of Section 5 therein, shall apply.

Rule 9.3 The District shall have the right to place a domestic, commercial or industrial service from the fire connection at the curb to supply the same premises as these to which the fire service connection belongs.

Rule 9.4 The District shall also have the right to determine the proportion of the installation costs properly chargeable to each fire service connection, if such segregation of costs shall become necessary.

Rule 9.5 The District reserves the right to install on all fire service connections a check valve of a type approved by the Board of Fire Underwriters; such installation shall be at the expense of the owner of the property or the contracting party and the regular domestic water rates as set forth by resolution hereof shall apply for all water used through such service exclusively for fire protection purposes. (Also refer to Sec. 33 of PD 198)

Rule 9.6 Supply for Fire Hydrants. Post hydrants shall be utilized solely for fire extinguishing purposes except for Public Park sprinkling purposes as per written agreement with local government authorities. The sidewalks within radius of one meter from the post hydrants shall be steered clear and unobstructed at all times and the street as in front of the hydrants extending five meters in both directions from hydrants shall likewise be kept unobstructed by any structure or street materials. If used for streets sprinkling system, the District must be notified and a restricting orifice not more than 1″ ? in size will be installed. For such sprinkling system, a separate billing shall be applied in accordance with Utility Rule 5 (water rates) hereof.

Rule 9.7 No person shall break, injure, impair or in any way tamper with a post hydrant. No person other than District authorized personnel and Fire Department Staff shall open the caps, turn the valves, attach hose, or draw water from same, PROVIDED however, that personnel in-charge of maintenance of street sprinkling systems shall make such connection to post hydrants as prescribed, authorized and designated by the District.

Rule 9.8 An applicant for temporary use of water for a fire hydrant must secure a permit there upon from the District and pay the regular fee charge for the installation and removal of meter to such hydrant, or in the case of an unmetered installation, the permit required for such usage.

Rule 9.9 Persons authorized to draw their water supply from hydrants shall be provided with a hydrant wrench necessary to operate such hydrant and installed a separate shut-off with restricting orifice to minimize damage extent requiring repair or replacement, such repair or replacement shall be made at consumer’s expense. Rule 9.10 Water supplied to tanks, receptacles, including launches, water boats, when drawn from any hydrant or faucet in a public highway or street or through hose or pipe crossing either above or below such street or highway or form any private hydrant or faucet to the receptacle above mentioned, shall be charged for at rates specified under Section 5 hereof. Withdrawal of water from the District’s hydrants shall always be performed or properly supervised by authorized District’s personnel.

Rule 9.11 Fire plugs or hydrant post situated on private property, in warehouses, etc. shall be installed by the consumer after having secured the necessary permit subject to supervision of the District, and shall be charged at rates set forth herein under fire protection service connection

Each of such fire plugs will be sealed by the District personnel upon installation and water from there shall not be used except in cases of fire.

Rule 9.12 Post fire hydrants will be installed at places or sites to be agreed upon by the component local government of the service area and the District.