Rule 8.1Prohibited Acts The following acts are prohibited under existing Philippine laws and of this Utility Rules:

  • No person except an employee or representative of the District shall at any time and in any manner operate the curb cocks or valves, main cocks or gate valves of the distribution system.
  • Withdrawing water from reservoir or mains by means of pumps, apparatus or other devices without proper permit from the District is strictly prohibited.
  • Bathing in public fountains or in reservoirs, destroying or damaging any public fountain, hydrants, mains, service pipes or other property (facilities or structures owned and operated by the District) is strictly prohibited.
  • The following practices are illegal and subject to fine imposed by the District under the penal provision of P. D. 198:
  • faucet connected before the meter;
  • booster pump directly connected to District pipes without a sump tank in between the free-flowing District pipe and the booster pump;
  • unauthorized reconnection of water service line previously disconnected by PPCWD;
  • tampering meter seals and over flowing water tanks left uncorrected after first notice from PPCWD; and
  • all other forms of water waste or lost revenue.

Rule 8.2 Cross Connection No person, firm or corporation shall install or maintain any physical connection between any private (domestic) or industrial source of water supply and the District’s water supply, without installing prescribed check valves and other measures to prevent backflow and other pollution hazards.

It is provided that the District must eliminate all dangerous types of cross connections which pose pollution hazards.

Cross connections that result from negligence on the part of the consumer will be the responsibility of the consumer. Said cross connection must be immediately corrected upon receipt of first notice from the District office. Failure to comply with such order will be sufficient ground for disconnection of said service line.

Cross connections that result from faulty installation of pipes and fixtures by anybody other than the District Personnel must be immediately reported and corrected by the District at consumer’s expense.