Rule Mother Metering. No water shall be served and individually charged to two or more separate parcels of property, through a common water meter unless covered by a Mother Water Meter Agreement. At the discretion of the Water Utility, water supplied through a mother water meter may be permitted for the following types of development.

Rule Resale of Water and Submetering. No Customer shall resell any of the water received from the District, exceptas may be authorized by a Mother Water Meter Agreement and Customer shall not resell water to a tenant at a monthly charge higher than tenant’s measured pro rata share of the total monthly charges as rendered by the District. The cumulative monthly amount charged to tenants by a Customer under a Mother Water Meter Agreement cannot exceed the total monthly amount the Customer is charged by the District.

Rule Water used by any Customer shall be restricted to use on the Premises specified in the application for service. “Tenants” may also include owners of property within a development. A copy of the applicable rate schedules and this Rule No. ___shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the Premises being serviced by the District.

The Utility shall have the right to discontinue service to any Customer violating this rule.

Rule Use of Water Service Connection when property is subdivided. When property with an existing Water Service Connection is subdivided, the Water Service Connection shall be considered as belonging to the lot or parcel of land which it will continue to serve. If the existing Water Service Connection does not abut the lot or parcel which it will continue to serve, it shall be at Customer’s expense and responsibility to have connection relocated adjacent to lot or parcel where use will continue. The charges for any relocation shall be in accordance with Rule No.____.