Rule 10.1 Application for Main Extension. Any owner of subdivisions of a single lot or subdivisions of a parcel of land within the District service area or boundaries desiring the extension of water mains and services to each lot, subdivision of a parcel of land shall make a written application subject to the following procedures.

  • The District shall design the water system to serve such lot, subdivision or tract of land and make available such design and make specifications to the applicant. Such design and specifications shall be incorporated by the applicant’s civil engineer into the overall plan and submit the same to the District for approval. Upon approval, said plans shall be the property of the District.
  • The applicants shall lay all mains within the tract, contiguous to and along the full length of the tract, and such connection lines as may need to connect such lot, subdivision or tract to the control valves and fire hydrants, and a connection lateral to each lot within the subdivision, tracts or lots owned by the applicant adjacent to the new main.
  • The applicant shall notify the District and furnish bond in the account of estimated cost prior to hydro testing lineal meter for inspection and hydro testing of all such mains installed. This payment must be made before the installation starts. In lieu of the applicant making such installation, he may request the District to perform all the work and supply all the materials, and the District at its sole discretion shall accept or reject such installation job. If the District agrees to perform such work and supply the materials needed thereof, the owner shall pay the District the total estimated cost of such installation plus fifteen percent (15%) before commencement of such work.

Rule 10.2 Mother Metering. No water shall be served and individually charged to two or more separate parcels of property, through a common water meter unless covered by a Mother Water Meter Agreement. At the discretion of the District, water supplied through a mother water meter may be permitted for the following types of development.

Rule 10.3 Resale of Water and Sub-metering. No Customer shall resell any of the water received from the District, except as may be authorized by a Mother Water Meter Agreement and Customer shall not resell water to a tenant at a monthly charge higher than tenant’s measured pro rata share of the total monthly charges as rendered by the District.The cumulative monthly amount charged to tenants by a Customer under a Mother Water Meter Agreement cannot exceed the total monthly amount the Customer is charged by the District.

Rule 10.4 Water used by any Customer shall be restricted to use on the Premises specified in the application for service. “Tenants” may also include owners of property within a development. A copy of the applicable rate schedules and this Rule No. ___shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the Premises being serviced by the District.

The District shall have the right to discontinue service to any Customer violating this rule.

Rule 10.5 Use of Water Service Connection when property is subdivided.When property with an existing Water Service Connection is subdivided, the Water Service Connection shall be considered as belonging to the lot or parcel of land which it will continue to serve. If the existing Water Service Connection does not abut the lot or parcel which it will continue to serve, it shall be at Customer’s expense and responsibility to have connection relocated adjacent to lot or parcel where use will continue. The charges for any relocation shall be in accordance with Rule No.____.

Rule 10.6 Size of Mains. The owner or developer of lot shall pay the cost of mains installed (not to exceed 4″0 nominal diameter), unless the size of the subdivision or other requirements of such development require a larger main. In such case, the owner or developer will pay the total cost of size more that 4″ 0 mains to be used as transmission line, such transmission main shall be made by the District and to be paid for the owner or developer with an allowance ensured by the District to cover the difference in the cost of materials used between the 2″ 0 and the size actually used. To compensate for the additional cost due to labor and other procedures/measurements as a result installing mains bigger that 4″ 0 in size, the allowance for the difference in material cost will be increase by 30%. If for any reason the District cannot perform the work of installation or any main over 4″ 0 in size, according to the material cost available to the District.

Rule 10.7 Ownership All mains shall become the property of the District after final inspection and acceptance.

Rule 10.8 Refunding of the Cost. There shall be no refunding of any cost for the laying of any mains within the development or for connection to any lot contiguous to the installation of the new mains.

Rule 10.9 Late Reconstruction. If, or in any reason, the development of any lot or tracts make it necessary to move, or in any manner, change any existing water mains, such moving, lowering or charging shall be the responsibility of the developer of the land to furnish a drawing or draft by his registered civil engineer showing all water mains, both new and existing in their location in relation to the completed development or tract.

Said reconstruction shall be paid for by the developer. Failure to make or pay such changes or repairs shall be reason to the District to refuse water service to the lost or tract, until such changes or repairs are made or paid in full.