The Water District concept of management for provincial water system evolved from a critical survey of the problems and difficulties afflicting local water systems during the late sixties. The government then launched and implemented a national water supply development project as provided for by P.D. 198 otherwise known as the “Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973”, which provides for the “creation, maintenance and expansion of reliable and economically viable and sound water supply systems for population centers of the country.” The objective is to promote and develop viable, safe, adequate and self-supporting water utilities that will serve the water needs of the residents of the respective locality.

Toward this end, a rational reorientation and overhauling of systems and procedures were accomplished in order to improve service efficiency as well as to ensure the attainment and maintenance of financial viability of these water utilities. Throughout their formation and development, the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), an institution on the national level created by legislation, has since exercise support and regulatory functions toward the fullest promotion and development of the Water Districts.

A key aspect of institutional development concerns the matter of policy formulation and implementation. This Utility Rules and Regulations in particular, is the manifestation of the Board of Directors of Puerto Princesa City Water District in order to meaningfully direct the operations of the Puerto Princesa City Water District towards the attainment of its corporate mission and vision. This set of rules and regulations precisely defines our relationship with you – our consumers, for us to work in fruitful cooperation and thus establishing our mutual duties and responsibilities towards a sustainable local water utility.

It is our desire and commitment to deliver efficient water service to the people of Puerto Princesa City. May this set of rules and regulations adopted by the Puerto Princesa City Water District and herein compiled help you, our consumers, understand better your Water District, and thus enable you to work in meaningful partnership with us in making this Water District a success for the greater benefit of all of us in the community.

The Board of Directors, Management and

Staff of Puerto Princesa City Water District