PPCWD warns its consuming public about incidences of meter thefts recorded from different areas in the City. Since March 30, 2022, PPCWD has recorded and confirmed a total of 30 water meter theft reports.

In a Public Advisory released on April 7, 2022, through PPCWD’s official Facebook Page, PPCWD management emphasizes the penalty to the perpetrators of meter theft and to the junkshop owners who will be caught buying stolen water meters.

” This is a warning that perpetrators of water meter theft will be actively pursued in court and shall also apply to junk shop owners who will be caught buying stolen water meters, as punishable under the Anti-Fencing Law.”

Further, it also advises its consumers to be vigilant against the perpetrators and to immediately report any suspicious activities to the PPCWD office and to the local authorities.

Victims and those who have information about meter theft incidences may contact PPCWD through 0917-310-5282 and 0961-586-7294, or through its online platforms: www.facebook.com/PPCWATER, ppcwater@gmail.com, info@ppcwater.gov.ph.